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Commercial Marine Services

The Access Challenger is available for commercial jobs, and has had many exciting adventures working for the States of Guernsey.
Acting as the first Sea Fisheries Patrol in Guernsey, Sea Fisheries Officers onboard  Access Challenger arrested six boats during her time in service and many of her design pointers were then taken on for the current serving Patrol boat, the Leopardess.

Working for the States

The Access Challenger has delivered and collected lighthouse keepers and maintenance engineers to the Hanois and Les Casquetes Lighthouses, and taken Police divers off the coast of Alderney for bomb disposals. She has taken and collected Royalty, Governors, Bailiffs, Celebrities, Police and Customs to and from the islands and played major roles in the rescue and salvage of vessels in trouble around the islands and has towed boats from as far as France and England.

Fog Transport

Buz and his boat are  the ‘go to’ team when it gets foggy on Guernsey and in the last 25 years (in 2017) has undertaken hundreds of trips to Sark, France, Alderney, Jersey in all weathers, and even taken the post to neighbouring islands during the Airport Closures of 2012.

Charity Work

Every now and then the Access Challenger goes on a really big adventure, like in 2000, when she, together with the Barbalotte II,  guard-boated the charity rowers from ‘Home to Dome’, from Guernsey all the way to the Millenium Dome, 280 miles in 48hrs 31mins. And all for a good course, raising money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
The same charity profited from another rowing/ guard-boating trip in 2004, this time to Paris - 480 miles in 79 hrs, 9 minutes and 23 seconds.

PHONE: 07781 147477

Guernsey Boat Charter

Marine Services

 If you require Buz and the Access Challenger for commercial work, please call 07781 147477 or email buz@guernseyboatcharter.com.



Access Challenger Boat Charter Guernsey

Skipper Buz White is a member of the YDSA, RNLI and the International Association of Marine Investigators